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About Mayan Software

Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mayan Software is a highly experienced independent game development company founded in 2007 by a seasoned and passionated developer named Aun Taraseina. Aun's goal was to create a company where he can create games he will enjoy playing and work with people he enjoys working with. With his dedication to initiate high quality games with passion, Mayan Software's goal is to fulfill the game community's with highest expectation and satisfaction.

:: The Team ::

Aun Taraseina Aun LinkedAun's FacebookAun's Twitter
:: Code monkey, wanna be artist & coffee addict ::
  Graduated from the School of Economics, Chiangmai University, with honour. Aun decided to change his career path to focus on Game Development which was his passion rather than banking or economic research. Working from the lowest programmer entry level to the highest in 10 years, Aun has earn his experience and is now using it for his own development company.
About Mayan Software
Yam Taraseina
:: Food supplier, accountant & tester ::
  Provides Aun with food, coffee and mental support. Yam also has runs her own Cafe' Business in the lovely town of Chiangmai, Thailand. If you happen to drop by in town why not come and visit us. [Cafe de' Thaan Aoan]
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154/5 R. Praploklao, Chiang Mai
50200, Thailand
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